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Sponsor A Shirt For The New Season

 As the new season fast approaches why not take the opportunity to sponsor one of the players shirts for the season. Some have already gone but look at the list below and pick either a home or away top for the great cost of £100. 

You will receive the top at the end of the season to keep. If interested please get in touch with Norman Coleman on or by phone 07742894067.

   Player  Home Shirt  Away Shirt
1 Sean O'Neill Nieve Larmour  
2 Billy Joe Burns B Hutchinson Darren Steele
3 Mark McChrystal D Hotel Drogheda Chris Wilson
4 Howard Beverland Spud Clarke Alex Galbraith
6 Colin Coates P Carson A McCormick
7 Philip Lowry O Niblock/G Gordon Adam & Jude Ritchie
8 Sean Ward Michael Long Angela McKibbin
9 Mark McAllister Oliver Baxter North Belfast CSC
10 Michael Carvill USA Car Wash D Arthurs
11 David Cushley Danielle McLeod Owen Galbraith
12 Declan Caddell Angelina Jolie Comber Vet Clinic
14 Jordan Forsythe Laurence Robinson A Dodds
15 Ross Holden    
16 Michael Dougherty S McKee Richard Baxter
17 Craig McClean Laura Galbraith SK Plumbing & Heating
18 Jordan Owens Fans Project B Hutchinson
19 Matthew Snoddy Ian McDonald CSC Jayne Galbraith
20 Jamie Glackin Daniel Arthurs Justin & Nathan Ritchie
21 Brian Jensen Danny & Michelle Guy Spence
22 Paul Heatley Mervyn Knox Harry Clarke
23 Gavin Whyte T Goodall Brittany Galbraith
24 Ryan Nimick Raymond Millar  
25 Michael Kerr    
32 Jack Smith    
34 Rodney Brown Ronnie Crawley Simon & Nikki Chilton

 Many thanks to all who sponsored shirts in the 2016/17 season. It is very much appreciated. A few of the shirts sponsored for last season have not been claimed or paid for and  therefore have been reallocated. We would request that all sponsored shirts are paid for by 28th February 2018.

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