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July 200 Club Winners

 After the win against Larne the July 200 Club was drawn in the social club in front of those present. With 182 members in the draw it meant that the Club earned £870 from the July draw and as always the Football Club thanks everyone for participating. 

Bill Porter, who is in charge of the 200 Club, wishes to thank everyone also with the following message. "Since I have taken over the running of the 200 Club it has been great to see how everyone is behind the scheme. People look for me to make sure their £10 donation is handed over and be in the draw and that makes my job easier. Also the amount of people who set up a money transfer to the 200 Club account also help when it comes the end of the month."

Bill goes on "I would encourage anyone who is thinking of joining the scheme to come and talk to me at home or away games. I am easily identified and wear a 200 Club lanyard around my neck. Come over and introduce yourself and I will tell you everything you need to know. The 200 Club is a great fund raiser for HMRC payments and the Players Fund and to top it all off you can win money for yourself. A win win all round"

Julys winners are as follows...

1st Prize No.158 Mark Gillespie £455
2nd Prize No.228 Don Campbell £227.50
3rd Prize No.057 Simon Chilton £91
4th Prize No.107 Rodney Brown £45.50
5th Prize No.070 Craig Snowden £45.50
6th Prize No.154 Jim Long £45.50

Collections for Augusts draw start on Friday night against Ballymena United.

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