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Statement on PSNI Searches

On Monday 11/9/2017 between 2-15pm and 6-15pm officers of the PSNI carried out a search at the premises of Crusaders FC. The sole items confiscated were a flag and a baton, both items which had been removed from away fans at a recent NIFL League match as part of routine match-day management.

Crusaders FC are perturbed and cannot comprehend the actions of the police in carrying out such a reputationally damaging action in such a public manner.


Crusaders FC have sought to make Seaview a welcoming and open venue to all and have no truck with paramilitarism, from whichever quarter. Our members, supporters, staff and players come from all communities. The high profile search operation could have occurred with our consent at any time, without smearing the club's  or the stadium's reputation. 


The PSNI action has damaged Crusaders FC. We can only redouble our efforts to ensure that Seaview remains a welcoming, open and inclusive venue for players, spectators and visitors alike. 

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