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February 200 Club Winners

 The February 200 Club draw was made in the Club this evening in front of members present. Again in another superbly supported draw 199 numbers went into the bag and a massive thank you from the 200 Club Committee for your efforts has been passed on.

It all means the Club benefit by £945 and this will go to the correct areas that help the Football Club function and without your contribution each month it would be harder to operate in certain areas. It left £995 as cash prizes for six lucky winners and they are as follows....

1st Prize No.036 Terry Watson (Snr) £497.50
2nd Prize No.022 Mark McChrystal £248.75
3rd Prize No.162 Ian Hoy £99.50
4th Prize No.224 Raymond Millar (Snr) £49.75
5th Prize No.166 Jordan Owens £49.75
6th Prize No.195 Phil Kirk £49.75

Collections for March start against Dungannon Swifts next Saturday so please see Bill Porter beside the Burger stall with your donation.

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