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March 200 Club Winners

 After a delayed draw due to illness the March 200 Club was drawn tonight after the Linfield victory at Seaview.

There was 187 members in the draw which again is a magnificent number of members who are supporting such a worthy cause. It meant that the club will benefit by £885 and the six lucky winners will share £935. The all important winners are...

1st Prize No. 079 Campbell Butler £467.50
2nd Prize No. 231 Frank Millar £233.75
3rd Prize No. 229 Meta Wilkinson £93.50
4th Prize No. 245 Phil Lowry £46.75
5th Prize No. 182 Simon Todd £46.75
6th Prize No. 213 Ian McDonald CSC £46.75

 As always thank you to every one who donated to the draw. Without you it would not work like it does and it is appreciated. We will hopefully be able to put a plan in place to pay for May and Junes draw and we let you know as soon as possible.

In the meantime make sure you see Bill Porter over the next two games to be in Aprils draw.

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