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May 200 Club Winners

 The May 200 Club was drawn this evening and there where 172 balls placed into the box to be drawn out. Close season meant numbers where slightly down on the usual draw numbers but still a healthy return and a massive thank you as always to those who pass on their donation each month.

From this draw the Club stands to gain £700 while £750 was available in the win pot to be shared with six lucky winners who are...

1st Prize No. 194 Jim Montgomery £375.00
2nd Prize No. 027 Thomas Orr £187.50
3rd Prize No. 131 Cyril Braniff £75.00
4th Prize No. 097 Tommy Gamble £37.50
5th Prize No. 101 Danny McCann £37.50
6th Prize No. 109 David Cushley £37.50

The collections for Junes draw will again be tight to get all the money in to make the draw at the start of July. We will be collecting at the Connahs Quay friendly on the 23rd June and again at Jordan Owens Testimonial game against Motherwell on the 30th June. There may well be another friendly (tbc) before the draw is made but we will keep you informed.

What we are asking you to consider is to turn your £10 donation into a standing order (those who pay cash each month) which goes straight into the bank and makes it a lot easier for the 200 Club committee to register. Have a think about it. It is easy to do.


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