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June 200 Club Winners

 The June 200 Club was drawn in the Danny Hale Suite on Sunday and six lucky winners are again "quids in" as are the Football Club after the monthly draw was made. 

162 balls where in the box to be drawn and as always we would like to thank every member who paid into the June draw. Numbers where slightly down on previous draws which is expected because we are in "close season" but now we are back at Seview hopefully the numbers will go back to the normal figures we are used too. The Club benefit to the the amount of £760 while the prize money stood at £810.

Over the next few weeks we plan to try and tell you more about the 200 Club, what it is all about, how you can join etc so please keep an eye out for that and consider joining. The money the club gets benefits them greatly and it has been raised by 200 Club members which is even better.

1st Prize No. 079 Campbell Butler £405.00
2nd Prize No. 069 Michael Reeves £202.50
3rd Prize No. 191 Charlie Murphy £81.00
4th Prize No. 038 Tom Carruthers £40.50
5th Prize No. 088 Jeff Spiers £40.50
6th Prize No. 148  John Alexander £40.50


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