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October 200 Club Winners

 The 200 Club for October was drawn on Sunday and as always was well supported by those who made the monthly £10 donation. 177 numbers where entered into the electronic system that scrambles and produces the 6 winning numbers and the winners are as follows...

1st Prize No. 175 Stephen Bates £442.50
2nd Prize No. 093 Fans Project  £221.25
3rd Prize No. 056 Nikki Chilton £88.50
4th Prize No. 195 Philip Kirk £44.25
5th Prize No. 036 Terry Watson Snr £44.25
6th Prize No. 219 Matthew Snoddy £44.25

The other winner as always is the Football Club and they will receive £835 from this months draw. The money goes direct to important payments the club has to make and we are eternally gratefull for this cash flow.

Mervyn Knox is now collecting for Novembers draw and he will be at both the home game this Saturday against Institute (24th Nov) Tuesdays game against Larne (27th Nov) and the away game against Glentoran (1st Dec) to collect your £10 donation towards the draw.

Thanks again for this month and we hope the winners enjoy spending their £££££ 

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