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Thank You From Stephen Baxter

 I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you after so many of you have reached out with your very kind words on my recent BEM recognition.

My journey with Crusaders both as player and manager has more than fulfilled my lifetime ambition and to share it with so many of you throughout the years has been my privilege. I have worked with so many brilliant people on the Board, the late Jim Semple, the late Harry Davidson, Stephen Bell, Ronnie Millar, John Mairs, Tommy Whiteside, Mark Langhammer and Robert White to mention but a few.

I have also worked with incredibly loyal staff during my time as manager all of which have shared the highs and lows. I would like to thank Jeff Spiers for his loyalty, dedication and inspiration both on and off the pitch. I couldn’t have achieved this award without him and the vast amount of players and staff who have contributed to the Club’s success in the recent years.

And finally, each and every one of the Crusaders supporters through all of the generations you are the reason that we do this every week - Thank you.


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