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April 200 Club Winners

 Aprils 200 Club has been drawn and again it has produced six lucky winners to can spend their winnings on something nice. A total of 171 numbers went into the computerised randomer and the winners will share a total of £855.

The Club of course also benefit and a cheque for £805 will be made out and given for good causes within the Club. It has been another great season and we would like to thank every member for their continued support. Without you the 200 Club is nothing and without you the Club would be financially worse off.

1st Prize No. 204  Gwen Wright  £427.50
2nd Prize No. 104  Billy Briggs  £213.75
3rd Prize No. 190  Jordan Owens  £85.50
4th Prize No. 092  Ivan Singleton  £42.75
5th Prize No. 131  Cyril Braniff  £42.75
6th Prize No. 206  Rory Hale  £42.75

For those who give their £10 donation to Mervyn directly can you please contact him on 07968147444 to arrange giving May and Junes donations over so you are in the draw. These are the months that we do need the money more than ever as the income through the gates is not available and bills still have to be paud. So get in touch with Mervyn ASAP.

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