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200 Club Wnners

 Due to circumstances beyond our control the 200 Club was late being drawn this month an we apologise for that hoping that it will not happen again.

Numbers have crept up again and we would like to thank both old and new members for your donation and helping the club in the way you do. Month after month we tell you how it helps contribute towards inportant bills and this month was no different. 181 members where in the draw which meant the club will receive a cheque for £905 and the prize money stood at £855

Winners this month are...

1st Prize No, 055 Sam McDowell £427.50
2nd Prize No. 194 Jim Montgomery £213,75
3rd Prize No. 126 Phil Lowry £85.50
4th Prize No. 186 Eileen Crawford £42.75
5th Prize No. 034 Sean Ward £42.75
6th Prize No. 118 Charlie Murphy £42.75


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