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Shirt Sponsorship Available

We are pleased to announce the Shirt Sponsorship is now available and the chance to own your favourite players shirt can be yours for only £100. 

Both Home and Away tops are up for sponsorship and once you hopefully secure your players shirt your name will appear in home programmes and on the website. Please ontact Mervyn Knox by text on 07968147444 with your name and preference of players shirt and state Home or Away. Please be advised that there will be a massive demand for shirts but we hope you get the shirt you want. 

See below who is available (List is subject to change)

1. Sean O'Neill Home   Away  
2. Billy Joe Burns Home   Away  
3. Chris Hegarty Home   Away  
4. Howard Beverland Home   Away  
6. Colin Coates Home   Away  
7. Philip Lowry Home   Away  
8. Sean Ward Home   Away  
10. Rory Hale Home   Away  
11. David Cushley Home   Away  
12. Declan Caddell Home   Away  
14. Jordan Forsythe Home   Away  
15. Jarlath O'Rourke Home   Away  
16. Kyle Owens Home   Away  
17. Michael Ruddy Home   Away  
18. Jordan Owens Home   Away  
19. Matthew Snoddy Home   Away  
20. Rodney Brown Home   Away  
21. Gary Thompson Home   Away  
22. Paul Heatley Home   Away  
23. Jamie McGonigle Home   Away  
25. Ross Clarke Home   Away  
26. Harry Doherty Home   Away  
28. Tom Mathieson Home   Away  
30. Gerard Doherty Home   Away  


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