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Crusaders FC had two representatives present in Dundalk to hear the detailed proposal for a new All Island League.

A fact based ambitious proposal was presented by Kieron Lucid and his colleagues to revive domestic Irish Football. The financial business case for the new proposal is compelling day one, however the potential for growth demands the proposal is given due consideration.

Crusaders FC will host a meeting of members, supporters, volunteers, players, management and staff to discuss the proposal.

Ultimately as a fan owned club our members will decide how our club will proceed.

What is clear is that our domestic game needs reform if it is to further professionalise and flourish.

Participation funds for the Irish League Champions has reduced year on year in he past decade, down from £50k in 2012 to £22k in the current season.

This 64 percent reduction in participation money comes over a period when NIFL has seen significant rises in staffing and office overheads.

The Northern Ireland international manager earns more in a fortnight than the Irish League 2019/20 champions will in a season, and the stark reality that the bottom placed club in the Scottish Football League (yes the bottom placed club in the Scottish League 2) will earn more in participation money than the Irish League Champions in 2019/20 is not only incredulous but a totally unacceptable FACT.

Kieron Lucids AIL proposal may or may not get the traction it needs to become a reality but it deserves thorough scrutiny and open, informed debate. It is beholden on those who would seek to close down debate or administratively frustrate the proposals to come up with better alternatives. We all know the status quo wont wash.

Either way local Football Clubs owe a great deal of thanks to Kieron for his efforts in producing a credible alternative.

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