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Women FOR women

Indre Butkeviciute, of Lily Advisory, which focuses on financial education for women, recently researched into the growth of female wealth and motivations surrounding investment habits.

After conducting some research, Butkeviciute found “there is very clear wealth growth for women, with them pursuing careers more than they used to and taking over family wealth."

Butkeviciute says there are three key factors that are important for women:

• Transparency and education; • Goals and priorities; and, • Communication.

Stacey Wareing of Aapex Wealth Management says;

“It’s more important now then ever that women seek financial advice with more occupying senior roles than any previous generation – but more importantly we live longer, meaning more funds are needed in retirement. From my experience with female investors the main issues of investing is confidence and lack of trust."

At Aapex Wealth Management we are proud to be a female-owned company and whilst we understand our male clients are also looking for the same criteria when thinking about their investments, we provide a service that puts our clients’ individual needs at the very core.

We are proud to say that we strive to build relationships with all our clients and are mindful that each is unique. Our clients place differing values on ‘risks’ and ‘rewards’ and their investment motivations are based on their personal circumstances.

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